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Hello my name is Tashena Gonzales and the best way to describe me is a healthy wannabie! I saw this group on a social site at my General Motors job and thought "Yep that's me!" In my heart of hearts I want to be all organic, crunchy, super-fit and toxic-free but it is definitely a struggle for me on a daily basis! What I can say though is a stay leading an active life.  Whether it is running 5K races or hanging out socially I try to stay active and that keeps me on the right track.  I also love educating myself and others with the things I am learnng on this joining. So for me it is a journey and I have a long way to go but I love! So join me in La Vida Activa! The active life.  I love that Young Living as a company helps me in my education on this journey and gives me an outlet to help others! I'd love for you to join us!